I’m India, former New York City Fashionista, turned Colorado homesteading mamma {life-long transformation in-progress!}. I’m a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Women’s Circle Facilitator, a mother and wife, Celtic Harp student, and avid baker and cook. 

I support women to SLOW DOWN and reconnect with the magnificent resources of their own body-wisdom, mother nature, and each other; GET REAL about who they are and what they love; and RISE UP, taking courageous, inspired leadership of what really matters to them.

Along the way we discover Female Empowerment and indescribable beauty in the Sacred Women’s Spaces where we gather.

I’m a hermit who stays in my pajamas till noon most days, and I’m in love with homemade bread, night, winter, precipitation, and all things YIN

Four years ago, my soul-mate husband and I took a big leap.

With our young daughter in tow, we packed up our big house in the suburbs and traded it in for a small, run-down, early 1900’s farmhouse {not quite as run down with all of our T.L.C!}.

Here, on 4 acres of glorious land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of wild prairie land ~ we’re raising our magnificent 10 year old daughter, 1 cat, 1 dog, 6 chickens, 10 guinea hens, a couple of goats, thousands of bees, men’s and women’s communities, and many more furry, feathered, and human friends to come!

We’re learning to live slowly, love each other consistently, and align our lives with a deeper purpose. 

As a life-long seeker, with a thirst for the real ~

I spent decades traveling the world to exotic places, studying and practicing intensively with master Yogis and healers.

After these years of sincere spiritual inquiry and practice ~ at the ripe age of 40, I made an important discovery.

The search was over, when I realized that everything I was seeking had been right here all along.

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: I know now, that every ingredient I need for living a purposeful life is readily available on this winding path of WOMANHOOD.

Right here in the daily chaos of raising a child and maintaining a fulfilling marriage…Right here in the rhythms of my body and land, THIS is the path

So here I am now, living into it…